Education is the most important factor which plays a leading role in human development. It promotes a productive and informed citizenry and creates opportunities for the socially and economically underprivileged sections of society. It also plays a vital role to overcome many challenges and to maintain peace in the globe. Education is a process that empowers the body, mind, and spirit of the person so that one becomes a productive and responsible member of the family and society. The development of a nation depends on the standard of its Education, so our reputed Institution is taking great effort to give Holistic formation and form the student educators as full-fledged teachers according to the Spirit of our Founder
Don Bosco and St. Mary Mazzarello.

Our Founder’s education was directed towards self-discovery, forming a character, holistic development, and facing the challenges of life. The pedagogy of our system of Education is the Preventive approach, which is based on assistance & accompaniment, where the educator is perceived as a mother, sister, guide, friend, and protector. The Expressive approach is based on encouragement and motivation. It is growth-enhancing. The System is based on three pillars: Reason, Religion, and Loving-kindness.


Rev.Sr.Amali Alexander


The Preventive System makes a friend of the pupil, who looks upon his educator as a benefactor who advises the recipient, wishes to make her good, to save her from trouble, from punishments, and from dishonor. We train our student teachers to become the best Salesian educator that involves 4 attitudes, namely, Respect, Understanding, Affection, and Humour. By adopting those attitudes, the student educator learns to live within the context of the Gospel values. We wish, aim, and educate our students to be the best Salesian educator who becomes a kind of good shepherd and continues her journey through her work as a good Teacher in society. We focus our educative mission through this formation and prepare teachers with, Vision for their future mission.