The Duration of the course is on year. There are 6 theory papers. Of them, 3 are core papers, 2 are optional papers and one is elective paper. Regarding practical, Internship of 40 working days will be arranged in recognized high / higher secondary, matriculation / matriculation higher secondary schools.

Subject Code Major Subjects Eligibility
01 Tamil / Urdu (Urdu in Self
Financing Colleges Only)
02 English U.G
03 Mathematics U.G
04 Physical Science (Physics) U.G
05 Physical Science (Chemistry) U.G
06 Biological Science (Botany) U.G
07 Biological Science (Zoology) U.G
08 History U.G
09 Geography U.G
10 Computer Science U.G
11 Home Science P.G
12 Economics P.G
13 Commerce P.G
14 Political Science P.G
15 Sociology P.G
16 Psychology P.G
17 Logic P.G
18 Indian Culture P.G
19 Philosophy P.G

i) Subject Codes 011 to 16: The requisite Qualifications for admission to these subjects is PG Degree in the relevant subject with not less than 50% of Marks, Subject to the condition that the major subject in the UG and PG Degree shall be one and the Same.


I. Core Course- Perspectives in Education: (All the following four core papers are compulsory)

  1. Childhood and Growing up
  2. Contemporary India and Education
  3. Learning and Teaching
  4. Gender, School and Society (1/2 Course)
  1. II. Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies:  1.            Language across the curriculum (1/2 Course) (Compulsory for all)

    2.            Understanding Disciplines and Subjects (1/2 Course) (Compulsory for all)

    3.            (a) Pedagogy of a School Subject- Part-1 (Methodology) (1/2 Course)


I. Core Course- Perspectives in Education: (The following two core papers are compulsory)

1.            Knowledge and Curriculum

2.            Creating an Inclusive School (1/2 Course)


II. Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies:

1.            Assessment for Learning (Compulsory for all)

2.            (b) Pedagogy of a School Subject- Part-II  (Content mastery) (1/2 Course)

3.            Optional Courses:  (Any one) (1/2 Course)



1.            Yoga, Health and Physical Education

2.            Environmental Education

3.            Values and Peace Education



Only female Candidates with the following marks in the bachelor’s degree are eligible for admission to the programme other than commerce for which PG Qualification will be mandatory.



OC 50%
BC/BC(M) 45%
SC / SC(A) / ST 40%